Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans

The official blurb courtesy of Amazon

All she wants for Christmas…

Leah Griffiths has woken up after a few too many glasses of Prosecco with a hangover – and discovers she’s accidentally bought a little Christmas tree farm in Scotland!

At first she’s horrified, but perhaps it’s the perfect way to forget all about her cheating ex.

And when she meets grumpy (but ridiculously gorgeous) pumpkin farmer Noel underneath the mistletoe, Leah begins to believe that at Christmas time, anything can happen…


When Leah Griffiths outbid R-5-hyphens-81 on an eBay auction to buy a Christmas Tree farm in Northern Scotland, she was drunk.  So drunk that she had only vaguest recollection of any of it.

Now, Leah is sober and moving her life to Scotland.  She’s sorry to say goodbye to her best friend, Chelsea but, other than that, London holds nothing for her.  Her relationship with her philandering boss/boyfriend is dead in the water since she caught him cheating on her.

Still reeling from the deaths of her parents, Leah had been idly viewing the eBay listing and dreaming of owning a Christmas tree farm.  Sure, her Dad was Scottish and this would have been his dream but, would he approve of Leah spending her inheritance in such a way.

Noel, from the neighbouring pumpkin farm has his own views on whether Leah is the right person and, he knows that she will have a major job on her hands if she decides to stick it out.  There’s also the small matter of the local market being closed and the village turned into a bus terminus.  Can Leah handle this much pressure?

I really enjoyed this story and, as I like to cast stories, in my mind, I saw Noel being similar to Zach McGowan from Black Sails… Not the same mental image as the author but, it worked for me!  I loved that this didn’t follow a fairytale path with easy solutions to all of Leah’s woes.  This book is a lovely, festive treat.

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