Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

The official blurb courtesy of Amazon

In the last year, Meg Mackworth’s beautiful hand-lettering skills have seen her rocket to social media fame, and now she has a booming business crafting stationery for the stars. But she has a secret: sometimes, she just can’t resist hiding messages in her work. Slightly unprofessional, maybe – but harmless. Right?

Analyst Reid Sutherland and his gorgeous fiancée had their future mapped out. Until he noticed a pattern in his wedding invitation that made him think twice.

When Meg looks up from her desk one day and sees Reid standing in front of her with no wedding ring, holding the invitation she created, she thinks that her career is over.

But her life may be about to begin . . .


This is a joyful story set around the fine art of Calligraphy.  I have a dear friend who is a calligrapher and I could hear her voice as I followed this heart-warming story.

Meg Mackworth lives for the written word.  Not in the sense of books and stories but in the literal sense.  The style in which a word, each individual letter, is presented.  Style speaks volumes about what the word is trying to convey, capital letters shout, sans serif letters are more business-like but, heavily embellished letters can illustrate a word and turn the mundane into the fanciful.  Meg’s only problem is that she’s blocked and can no longer write creatively.

It all started when she designed the wedding plans for analyst, Reid Sutherland and his fiance.  Meg hadn’t meant to tell him, albeit subliminally, that he was making a huge mistake but, she certainly did and now his plans had been cancelled.

How can Meg make it up to Reid and trust herself not to repeat the same mistake and ruin her reputation for ever?

Meg’s journey is beautifully styled as she not only recovers her own inspiration but, she helps the very business-like Reid learn to love New York and to take life a lot less seriously.

I had never read Kate Clayborn before and had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.  She writes at a gentle pace and takes the time to help the reader to understand the complexities of her characters.

Learn more about Kate here.  Follow Kate on Twitter.

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