A Riviera Retreat by Jennifer Bohnet

Official blurb from Amazon

When Retreat owner Amy offers three lucky competition winners a holiday on the Cote d’Azur, she has no idea that this simple act of kindness will have life-changing repercussions on her own life as well as those who join her…

Young entrepreneur Chelsea has just been subjected to a very public relationship break up and needs to get away to lick her wounds.

MP’s wife Victoria is at a crossroads in her life now that the children have left home. She realises she has ambitions of her own and needs some ‘me time’ to figure things out.

Recently widowed Matilda is assessing life without her beloved husband. Can she find the courage to follow their dream on her own?

The four women, despite their differences, bond and support each other, making memories and forming friendships that will last for years.


I previously reviewed another book by Jennifer Bohnet and was delighted to hear about this title. I’d hoped that it was maybe a continuation of Villa of Sun and Secrets but, I wasn’t disappointed to meet new characters and a different location.

As this book falls under romantic fiction, I knew that the story would soon turn into tales of the heart and I was only slightly wrong.  Jennifer took the time to explore each character and build their personalities as individuals before any love interests appeared.  It was refreshing to see a different way of building the stories.

For once, I didn’t find a favourite character, all of the women were beautifully created and I was able to identify with each one of them on some level. 

Once again, I am left with a strong desire to visit the Riviera and explore the towns that Jennifer writes about, like Tilly, I’d love to live there.

Learn more about Jennifer here.  Follow Jennifer on Twitter.

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