Staying Out for the Summer by Mandy Baggot

Official blurb from Amazon

For Lucie Burrows, it’s time to embrace Greek life and put the past behind her!

Having spent the summer of 2020 battling a global health crisis, Lucie Burrows is looking forward to a summer out of lockdown. When best friend, Gavin, finds them the perfect Greek escape Lucie finally starts to think this summer might just go without a hitch.

But after a landslide puts the village into a local lockdown, Lucie is thrown together with Michalis Andino, the super sexy village doctor. It’s not quite the holiday she had planned, but things could certainly be worse.

As Lucie relaxes into the Greek way of life, she begins to wonder whether this lockdown might just end in a new life, a new love…

Publishing on 1st April 2021


I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I only recently discovered Mandy Baggot as an author, and since then, I have read a few of her books and enjoyed them.  Of those that I have read, Staying Out for the Summer is the best yet.

I have only read a couple of titles that have acknowledged the pandemic, I can’t say that I would be interested in reading about finding love whilst socially distancing and in lockdown!  This book is set in the future, once lockdown is over and the characters are slowly returning to normality.  Ideally positioned from the viewpoints of medical staff, Mandy Baggot sets the perfect tone.

Lucie and Gavin are sublime as best friends, embarking on a holiday after spending so long working on Covid wards.  Greece is an ideal setting as it is totally believable that the villagers would be their own brand of beautifully bonkers.  From fruit delivery vans doubling as taxis to twin centenarian sisters making wedding dresses for random strangers, the tone is perfect for the escapism that I didn’t realise I was craving.

At the heart of the story, is Lucie’s relationship with her Aunt Meg, who stepped in and raised her when Lucie’s young Mum died at 18.  A heart-breaking scenario which has continued to have repercussions as the years have passed.

Of course, there’s a hot love interest, Michalis, who understands how frazzled Lucie and Gavin are feeling, because he’s a Dr, based in Thessaloniki, on mainland Greece.  Michalis is battling his own demons and it soon becomes clear that the path to a good holiday romance, may not be as straight-forward as originally imagined.

This story is the perfect tonic to lockdown blues.  We can all see the tiny light at the end of this tunnel and Staying Out for the Summer reminds us that there are good days to follow.

Learn more about Mandy Baggot here.   Follow Mandy on Twitter.

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