ARC Review – Next in Line by Marion Todd

A murder victim with celebrity connections spells trouble for DI Clare Mackay…

Gaby Fox is known to many due to her successful TV career, so when her brother and his pals hire the salubrious Lamond Lodge for his birthday celebrations, it is noted by the St Andrews locals. A ripple of shock goes round the town when Russell Fox is gunned down on the premises.

DI Clare Mackay is attending a wedding when she sees Gabrielle receive a phone call then flee. Soon after, Clare learns why when the news of the shooting reaches her. Instead of trying to enjoy the day – not easy when the groom is her ex-boyfriend – Clare is preoccupied.

Clare gets to work on uncovering the facts surrounding Russell Fox’s death. The guests at the lodge have secrets to hide, but even when Clare begins to unravel the deceit, it doesn’t bring the answers. The detective can’t help but wonder why no one who knew Russell seems capable of telling the truth, and whether there is more than one person with a reason to want him dead…

A thrilling addition to the much-loved and bestselling detective fiction series from a rising star in Scottish crime fiction. Ideal for fans of Alex Gray, D. K. Hood and Rachel Amphlett.

Publishing on 21st October 2021

Pre-order here


I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have to rein myself in, for this review.  I mainly read romantic fiction, but enjoy certain thriller writers, and Marion Todd is in my all time top five.  I have waited, impatiently, to read this book, and I haven’t been disappointed.

As the synopsis explains, the scene is set when the brother of a high-profile television personality, Gaby Fox, is gunned down whilst enjoying a weekend away at a house near St. Andrews.  DI Clare Mackay is attending a wedding where Gaby Fox is also on the guest list.

Feeling at a disadvantage, because she wasn’t first on the scene, Clare is determined to work her way through the twisted tales of the other house guests to discover who murdered Russell Fox. Slowly, the odd word here and the occasional misstep there, helps Clare and her team to build a picture of what happened, and it’s not as straightforward as any of them hoped.

The tension builds steadily, until it’s impossible to take a break.  The story picks up speed and rockets to a shocking conclusion.  There are a couple of characters from previous books, and it was great to see that Clare and Al have gone from strength to strength.

One of the traits that I really enjoy, with Marion’s writing, is that the reader keeps apace with the case.  There’s no element from the culprit’s point of view, we are kept in the dark and guessing.  Marion’s characters are wonderfully three dimensional.  Fully developed and robust.

The way the storyline unfurled, revealing each new morsel of information, kept me hooked through to the final pages.  Marion has crafted a fine cast of characters who simply work.  From Admin Assistant, Zoe to the return of DCI Tony McAvettie, there’s plenty going on, with heroes and villains aplenty.

Learn more about Marion Todd here.   Follow Author on Twitter.

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