A Special Cornish Christmas by Phillipa Ashley

This Christmas everything is about to change…

When Bo Grayson and her friends meet a mysterious fortune teller, she gives each woman the same prediction: You will meet the love of your life by Christmas Day.

But Bo quickly dismisses this as nonsense. And with the festive season in full swing, she has plenty to keep her busy: creating the seasonal menu for her Boatyard Café, getting her rock and roll dance group ready for their Christmas show – and avoiding thinking about last December, when her fortune took a turn for the worse…

Besides, she definitely isn’t ready to open her heart again. But will fate – and perhaps a sprinkle of Christmas magic – change her mind?

Publication date – 11th November 2021

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I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This gorgeous story was just what I needed.  It follows our heroine, Bo, across two Christmas’s.  The two special days come close to being similar, but with Phillipa Ashley at the reins, you can pretty much guarantee a happy ending.

We first met Bo as one of the supporting characters in An Endless Cornish Summer, the first book in this series.  With an innate sense of style, she operates the Boatyard Café, feeding both residents and visitors alike.  Bo’s dress sense is strictly in the Rockabilly style, so it’s no great leap to discover that she’s an avid dancer with the Falford Flingers who follow the Rock and Roll music of the 1950’s and the 60’s.

Whilst this is the second book in the series, you can absolutely enjoy is as a standalone story.  We did revisit a couple of characters from the first book, but they are mentioned in a way that doesn’t leave you wondering what’s happened. (I do, however, recommend reading the first book too, it’s excellent).

There are two other major characters, Ran and Angel.  Ran is the Flinger’s DJ and Angel is Bo’s best friend.  The three friends each receive a clairvoyant’s reading, as mentioned in the synopsis, which leads to a lot of soul searching and a fair amount of cynical disregard.

One of the joys, of Phillipa Ashley’s writing, is the way in which her books flow.  I never felt that the story was dragging, and it was anything but predictable. It was lovely to catch up with some already established characters, but equally enjoyable to meet a new group.  As always, the characters were well developed, and I felt like they would be friends if I ever met them.  Scratch that, there’s a small handful with whom I wouldn’t pass the time of day!

I hope you enjoy escaping to this sleepy Cornish village.  I loved every moment, and I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

Learn more about Phillipa Ashley here.  

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