ARC Review – A Post Office Christmas by Poppy Cooper

Can they deliver hope and friendship this Christmas?

1915. After the recent dramatic events at the Post Office’s Home Depot, Milly Woods is looking forward to spending as much time as possible with her best friends Liza and Nora. With Christmas fast approaching, their job of getting millions of letters and parcels to the troops on the front line is more important than ever.

But when Milly is moved to a different department, she and the girls struggle to find time to spend together. Feeling more and more lonely, Milly finds company and common ground at her local suffragette group – as well as catching the eye of a wounded ex-soldier at the Home Depot.

But soon, Milly discovers that her new friends might not be what they seem. As she is drawn into a deadly plan that could affect the outcome of the war, can her Post Office girls help her get back on track, and scupper the plan in time for Christmas?

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I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, so I leapt at the chance of an ARC copy of book 2.  We once again catch up with the 3 friends from book 1, but this time we are focused on Milly.  Her life and career seem to be in turmoil as she fights for her family’s health and happiness, whilst trying to hold down a seemingly tenuous post at the Home Depot.

Although we met Milly in the first book, there is plenty more to learn about her and we soon find out what drives her.  This book would work as a standalone story, but I highly recommend reading book one, too.

Milly is smart, perhaps a little too smart in the mouth, as she soon finds herself in hot water on more than one occasion.  She has a drive to pull herself up from her working-class upbringing.  Whilst she’s proud of who she is, and where she comes from, she tends to view herself through her perception of the eyes of others.

With a fiercely independent streak, she is not prepared to be judged by her gender and that leads to an entanglement with a local suffragette group.  As she becomes more and more focussed on the inequality of the day, Milly finds herself in a precarious position.

As this story follows Milly, I was a little saddened to see Liza and Nora take a distinctly back seat.  I needn’t have worried, because they are involved in the explosive conclusion which cements their friendship once and for all.

The depth of knowledge and volume of research, required to complete this story is considerable.  I was impressed by this aspect in book one, but Poppy Cooper goes even deeper into the activities of the Home Depot as well as the suffragette movement. The end result is a fascinating story which had me awake, way past midnight.

Highly recommended!

Poppy Cooper is a pen-name for writer Kirsten Hesketh – follow her on Twitter.

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