Blog Tour – Honeybee Cottage by K.T. Dady

Welcome to Pepper Bay. A small close-knit community where you’ll find chocolate box cottages, quaint shops, drama, friendship, and love.

Snuggle down with this cosy, feel-good, comfort read that whisks you away to a beautiful bay on the Isle of Wight – Perfect for fans of Christie Barlow, Phillipa Ashley, and Holly Martin.

The Pepper Bay books are standalone stories that intertwine with recurring characters.

Honeybee Cottage – The last time Joey Walker watched Josh Reynolds leave Pepper Bay was three years ago. She decided there and then that the next time he visited she would never in a million years, even if her life depended on it, sleep with him ever again. She was done with secretly being in love with him. She couldn’t keep falling into his arms every time he was around. Josh was never going to see her as anything more than a holiday fling, or a sure thing. She had made her decision and had happily stuck to it, but only because he wasn’t around. She soon realises just how hard keeping him at arm’s length actually is when he unexpectedly turns up just before Christmas.

Josh had always loved Joey, but he knew she never took him seriously. She had no reason to. Growing up, he only went to his grandmother’s family home in Pepper Bay for the summer. As an adult, he knew that the world viewed him as a playboy heir to his grandfather’s millions. This year, he was determined to prove just how reliable he could be. He was back, and on a secret mission to get Joey to fall in love with him, because she was all he had ever wanted.

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I received a digital ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

I read, and really enjoyed, the first book in this series, so it was an easy decision to agree to joining the Blog Tour for book 2.  I am thrilled that I agreed and I’m happy to report that the series gets even better!

I was already looking forward to following Joey and Josh’s story, having read about them in Starlight Cottage (link to previous review). Josh is Jake’s younger and more relaxed brother. So relaxed that he never seems to take anything seriously.  He certainly doesn’t take his relationship with Joey seriously, or at least, he doesn’t seem to.  Having said that, Joey has an equally laid-back approach, clearly uninterested in any real commitment.  The scene is therefore set as we follow this couple who are each oblivious of how they feel about each other.

It’s hard to see this as a friends to lovers trope, as they had become lovers at a much earlier stage, both too scared to acknowledge that they may have deeper feelings, which could affect their friendship.  As the story builds, it’s frustrating that they are so incredibly close, and still so completely unaware of each other’s emotions.

I actually found the psychological side to this story, to be really interesting.  The approach that Josh adopts, in order to win the day, is mentally taxing for both the reader and the character. I was certainly willing them to ‘just talk to one another’.

Pepper Bay is an idyllic setting, a village on the Isle of Wight, it has the vibe of a busy community, with the vulnerability of a far more secluded destination.  I would love to visit, but not in the rainy seasons, I don’t fancy tackling one of the storms which leads to them being completely cut off!

If you read the first book in this series, you will be thrilled that the ensemble cast is still very much a part of the story.  It was wonderful to catch up with the lovely characters and see what they were all up to. Of course, I really enjoyed seeing how well Jake and Annie were getting along. I never felt that I was missing any part of the story, as every character is perfectly developed.  As we learn more about Joey and Josh, there is a lot going on to set the stage for the third book.  You don’t have to read them in order, but you probably should.

 If you are in the mood for a romantic Christmas story, then this is an excellent offering.  I loved the way that all the residents pulled together to make sure that nobody was left out.  However, this story is more than a gorgeous Christmas tale.  There’s a lot more to unpick, from Josh’s night terrors to the overwhelming sense of bereavement, when a loved one dies.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I shed more than one tear, and actually squealed out loud at one point.  Whilst this lovely book never loses sight of the romantic theme, it certainly packs an emotional punch, hitting the reader right in the proverbial ‘feels’.

Author Bio

Author, reader, mum, chocolate lover, and a huge fan of a HEA. I was born and raised in the East End of London, and I’ve been happily writing stories since I was a little girl. When I’m not writing, I’m baking cakes or pottering around in my little garden in Essex, trying not to kill the flowers. I’m the author of contemporary romance, middle-grade, and the thought-provoking thriller about mental illness, The Focus Program.

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