Cover Reveal – The Banjo Book Two

The Blurb The 1970s. Zany fashions brought the Decade That Taste Forgot. Change is in the air. Decimal currency; the Common Market; widespread strikes; the Winter of Discontent; IRA bombings; the sale of Council houses and quickie divorces make their mark on the whole country including the community of the Banjo. The eight households whoContinue reading “Cover Reveal – The Banjo Book Two”

Cover Reveal – Not the Deaths Imagined

Here’s the blurb: In a leafy Glasgow suburb, Dr Beth Semple is busy juggling motherhood and full-time GP work in the 90s NHS. But her life becomes even more problematic when she notices some odd deaths in her neighbourhood. Though Beth believes the stories don’t add up, the authorities remain stubbornly unconvinced. Soon, Beth’s professional reputationContinue reading “Cover Reveal – Not the Deaths Imagined”