Blog Tour – Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon

Best friends tell each other everything. Or do they? Georgia and Lydia are so close, they’re practically sisters. So when Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her – but Lydia’s not the kind to accept a handout. Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend some anonymousContinue reading “Blog Tour – Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon”

Blog Tour – Wayward Voyage by Anna Holmes

Wayward Voyage Anne is a headstrong young girl growing up in the frontier colony of Carolina in the early eighteenth century. With the death of her mother, and others she holds dear, Anne discovers that life is uncertain, so best live it to the full. She rejects the confines of conventional society and runs awayContinue reading “Blog Tour – Wayward Voyage by Anna Holmes”

The Steel Girls by Michelle Rawlins

Official blurb from Amazon Sheffield, 1939. With war declared, these brave women will step up and do their bit for their country Housewife Nancy never dreamed that she’d end up in Vickers steelworks factory but when husband Bert is called up to serve, she needs to put food on the table for her two young children. Betty’sContinue reading “The Steel Girls by Michelle Rawlins”

Wartime with the Cornish Girls by Betty Walker

Official blurb from Amazon When Violet loses her sister in the Blitz, she must take her nieces to safety in Cornwall. On the coast, she meets carefree chorus girl Eva, who is also running from the dangers of London. But Porthcurno hides a secret military base, and soon Violet and Eva realise there’s a battleContinue reading “Wartime with the Cornish Girls by Betty Walker”

Blog Tour – The Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane

‘A gripping saga and a storyline that will keep you hooked.’ Rosie Goodwin The start of a thrilling new series, from bestselling author Lizzie Lane which follows three friends through thick and thin. Bristol 1939.School leaver Maisie Miles suspects her father, a small-time crook, has an ulterior motive for insisting she gets a job atContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane”

Blog Tour – Wedding Bells on Victory Street by Pam Howes

: From Amazon bestseller Pam Howes comes a heartbreaking World War Two novel about a young woman trying to make the best of history’s darkest hour. Is a happy ever after impossible? Liverpool, 1943. For Bella Rogers, life is looking up. She loves performing with The Bryant Sisters, the singing trio who have become the country’s sweethearts,Continue reading “Blog Tour – Wedding Bells on Victory Street by Pam Howes”

Blog Tour – Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh

Growing old disgracefully and having a grand old time… Billy and Dawnie may be in their seventies, but that won’t stop them taking chances or starting again. Their grown-up children have families and lives of their own, so now it’s Billy and Dawnie’s turn, and a life near the sea in Devon beckons. But the residentsContinue reading “Blog Tour – Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh”

The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside by Jessica Ryn

Official blurb from Amazon Dawn Elisabeth Brightside has been running from her past for twenty-two years and two months, precisely. So when she is offered a bed in St Jude’s Hostel for the Homeless, it means so much more than just a roof over her head. But with St Jude’s threatened with closure, Dawn worries thatContinue reading “The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside by Jessica Ryn”

Blog Tour – The Flame Within by Liz Harris

From award-winning author of The Dark Horizon, Liz Harris, comes the second in a sweeping saga set between the wars, which tells the story of the Linfords, a family simmering with secrets, lies and betrayal. London, 1923 Alice Linford stands on the pavement and stares up at the large Victorian house set back from the road—theContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Flame Within by Liz Harris”

Home Stretch by Graham Norton

Official blurb from Amazon Shame and longing can flow through generations, but the secrets of the heart will not be buried for ever. It is 1987 and a small Irish community is preparing for a wedding. The day before the ceremony a group of young friends, including bride and groom, drive out to the beach.Continue reading “Home Stretch by Graham Norton”