Blog Tour – The Memory Keeper of Kyiv by Erin Litteken

I was drawn to this book because of current events in Ukraine.  My family take a dim view of me reading or watching anything related to wartime, as I was brought up being very aware of the consequences of war by my parents who lived through WWII.  In particular, my dad pulled no punches whenContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Memory Keeper of Kyiv by Erin Litteken”

Blog Tour – Summer at the French Café by Sue Moorcroft

There have been a few Social Media posts, recently, asking people to identify their favourite author of romantic fiction.  I can honestly say that Sue Moorcroft is mine.  I discovered her writing after moaning on Twitter that I’d read all the books by Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde, and they only seem to publish oneContinue reading “Blog Tour – Summer at the French Café by Sue Moorcroft”

Blog Tour – An Island of Secrets by Eva Glyn

I first discovered this author on a blog tour for one of her books written as Jane Cable. I was immediately enchanted by her atmospheric and haunting writing style.  That book, Endless Skies, has stayed with me.  I also read and enjoyed The Missing Pieces of Us and The Forgotten Maid.  I can highly recommendContinue reading “Blog Tour – An Island of Secrets by Eva Glyn”

Publication Day ARC Review – A Taste of Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot

This is the fifth title that I have read and reviewed by Mandy Baggot.  I really enjoy her style of writing and the way she includes contemporary references.  Of course, this one was inspired by her adventure on Ready, Steady Cook and you can easily sense that inspiration as the story develops.  If you’d likeContinue reading “Publication Day ARC Review – A Taste of Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot”

Publication Day Push – The Island in Bramble Bay by Victoria Walker

Victoria Walker is a relatively new author, to me.  I recently reviewed another of her books and you can read my thoughts by following this link, Snug in Iceland.  She writes engaging romantic fiction that I enjoy. I am grateful to Rachel’s Random Resources for my digital ARC copy which was gifted to me inContinue reading “Publication Day Push – The Island in Bramble Bay by Victoria Walker”

Blog Tour – It Started with A Kiss by Lisa Hobman

Having loved every book that I’ve read, by this author, it was a no-brainer to agree to be part of this blog tour.  Lisa’s writing style simply gels with my reading style, and I’m instantly transported to wherever the books are based. If you’d like to look at my previous reviews, here are a coupleContinue reading “Blog Tour – It Started with A Kiss by Lisa Hobman”

Blog Tour – Rainbows End in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May

I am absolutely loving this series, but honestly believe that this is my favourite instalment, to date.  If you haven’t read any of the others in this series, then don’t worry as Rainbows End’ can be enjoyed as a standalone book.  If you’re interested in my previous reviews, you can follow these links; Welcome toContinue reading “Blog Tour – Rainbows End in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May”

ARC Review – The Girls by Bella Osborne

I have been a fan of Bella Osborne’s writing since finding her via Twitter and reviewing Meet Me at Pebble Beach.  Since then, I think I’ve been fortunate to receive digital ARC editions of each of her new releases.  You can see a couple of my previous reviews in these links The Library and TheContinue reading “ARC Review – The Girls by Bella Osborne”

Blog Tour – What Next? By Shari Low

So, this is the third book in a series, and I can comfortably state that it can be read as a standalone story.  Whilst there were clear signs and references to previous dramas, they didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this gorgeous story of love and friendship.  I have read and thoroughly enjoyed a numberContinue reading “Blog Tour – What Next? By Shari Low”

Blog Tour – Sign of the Times by Susan Buchanan

I’m relatively new to Susan’s writing having been invited to join her beta reading panel for her new books.  I really do enjoy the combination of her complex story management and fabulous characters which translate into a captivating read.  There’s also a chance to win a copy of this book as well as the firstContinue reading “Blog Tour – Sign of the Times by Susan Buchanan”