The Babysitter by Phoebe Morgan

The Official blurb courtesy of Amazon On the hottest day of the year, Caroline Harvey is found dead in Suffolk. Her body is left draped over a cot – but the baby she was looking after is missing.   Hundreds of miles away, Siobhan Dillon is on a luxurious family holiday in France when herContinue reading “The Babysitter by Phoebe Morgan”

Lies to Tell by Marion Todd

The official blurb from Amazon Early one morning DI Clare Mackay receives a message from her boss DCI Alastair Gibson telling her to meet him in secret. She does as he asks and is taken to a secure location in the remote Scottish hills. There, she is introduced to ethical hacker Gayle Crichton and told about a critical security breach comingContinue reading “Lies to Tell by Marion Todd”

Strangers by C.L. Taylor

Official blurb from Amazon Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met before. Ursula thinks she killed the love of her life.Gareth’s been receiving strange postcards.And Alice is being stalked. None of them are used to relying on others – but when the three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide, there’s only one thing for it: they haveContinue reading “Strangers by C.L. Taylor”

After the Accident by Kerry Wilkinson

Offical blurb from Amazon Under a cloudless Mediterranean sky, two families wheel their suitcases past swaying palm trees towards their hotel to grab a spot by the pool. But behind the smiles, someone is hiding a terrible secret… I never wanted to come on this trip. I thought the accident had torn us apart forever,Continue reading “After the Accident by Kerry Wilkinson”

In Plain Sight by Marion Todd

The official blurb from Amazon When a baby girl is snatched from the crowd of spectators at a fun run, the local police have a major investigation on their hands. DI Clare Mackay and her team are in a race against the clock when they learn that the child has a potentially fatal medical condition. As ClareContinue reading “In Plain Sight by Marion Todd”

I Could be You by Sheila Bugler

Official blurb from Amazon On a stifling hot day, former journalist Dee Doran finds the crumpled body of her friend at the roadside. Katie and her little boy, Jake, have been a light in Dee’s otherwise desolate life – now a woman is dead, and a child is missing. Katie has been keeping secrets forContinue reading “I Could be You by Sheila Bugler”

The Sacred Spoils by Will Adams

The official blurb courtesy of Amazon To the victor go the spoils… Historian Carmen Nero, in southern Italy to help a friend search for ancient riches, is caught up in the murderous schemes of the Calabrian Mafia. Cesco Rossi, a quick-witted conman on the run from a brutal group of neo-Nazis, is about to be confronted byContinue reading “The Sacred Spoils by Will Adams”

The shape of night by Tess Gerritsen.

The Official Blurb – Courtesy of Amazon We’ve all done things we’re ashamed of . . . When Ava arrives at Brodie’s Watch, she thinks she has found the perfect place to hide from her past. Something terrible happened, something she is deeply ashamed of, and all she wants is to forget. But the oldContinue reading “The shape of night by Tess Gerritsen.”

The Fake Date by Lynda Stacey

The Official Blurb – Courtesy of Amazon Nine hours and eleven minutes … That’s how long it’s been since Ella Hope was beaten to within an inch of life and left for dead. She lies, unable to move and praying for somebody to find her, as she counts down the minutes and wonders who could haveContinue reading “The Fake Date by Lynda Stacey”

We Know You Know (Stone Mothers) by Erin Kelly

Official Blurb Courtesy of The men who built the asylums called them ‘stone mothers’: places of safety to hold troubled women and nurse them back to health. But no one wants a mother made of stone… Nazareth mental hospital has been converted to luxury flats, but it still has its secrets. Three women live inContinue reading “We Know You Know (Stone Mothers) by Erin Kelly”