Blog Tour – Fool Me Twice at Christmas by Camilla Isley

There are two types of relationships: fake and real. Chuck and Kate’s used to be real, oh-so-real. But after she broke his heart four months ago, leaving him, it became all just pretense for the sake of their entwined families. With parents who are best friends and business partners, it’s not easy for Chuck andContinue reading “Blog Tour – Fool Me Twice at Christmas by Camilla Isley”

Publication Day Push – Surprise Reunion with his Cinderella by Rachael Stewart

Can one week in paradise……heal ten years of heartache? When the elite M dating agency sends wealthy Freddie Highgrove to the Seychelles for a weeklong “date,” the last person he’s expecting to be matched with is Jasmine Walker, his first love and ex-fiancée! Ten years ago, his family’s expectations for a high-society marriage sent housekeeper’sContinue reading “Publication Day Push – Surprise Reunion with his Cinderella by Rachael Stewart”

Blog Tour – Whispers of the Runes by Christina Courtenay

Time is no barrier for a love that is destined to be. She couldn’t be sure that she had travelled through time … but deep down she just knew. And her only way back had just disappeared. When jewellery designer Sara Mattsson is propelled back to the ninth century, after cutting herself on a VikingContinue reading “Blog Tour – Whispers of the Runes by Christina Courtenay”

Publication Push – Reawakened by Rachael Stewart

In the latest superhot tale from reader-favorite author Rachael Stewart, business owner Olivia Carmel is embracing her wild side, and PR expert Valentine Boretti has been hired to rein her in. But instead, Olivia is driving him wild…for her! Seeing a client naked is no way to start a working relationship—especially when that client isContinue reading “Publication Push – Reawakened by Rachael Stewart”

Blog Tour – The Highlander’s Secret Son by Jeanine Englert

His first love Now his sworn enemy… What is Fiona MacDonald doing on the run across his lands? With a wee baby as well! Brandon once loved this woman with all his heart―until her family killed many of his clan. Now, as the new Campbell Laird, he must make sure she pays the price forContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Highlander’s Secret Son by Jeanine Englert”

Blog Tour – A Ration Book Daughter by Jean Fullerton

Not even the Blitz can shake a mother’s love. Cathy was a happy, blushing bride when Britain went to war with Germany three years ago. But her youthful dreams were crushed by her violent husband Stanley’s involvement with the fascist black-shirts, and even when he’s conscripted to fight she knows it’s only a brief respiteContinue reading “Blog Tour – A Ration Book Daughter by Jean Fullerton”

Blog Tour – Opposites Attract by Camilla Isley

First law of magnetism: opposite poles attract. Single mom Vivian has been burned by love once before, and her job as a divorce lawyer has presented enough evidence to convince her there are no good men left in New York City. The worst offender is her new neighbor: Dr. Lucas Keller, a couple’s therapist whoseContinue reading “Blog Tour – Opposites Attract by Camilla Isley”

Publication Push – Our Little Secret by Rachael Stewart

A little secret sexy funUnder the Tuscan sun! It’s her best mate’s wedding week – and Faye Davenport is celebrating with a skinny dip under the Tuscan moon. Except she’s not alone. The sexy Italian dish is Rafael Perez – her mate’s off-limits older brother. But now it’s too late. This illicit, irresistible fire isContinue reading “Publication Push – Our Little Secret by Rachael Stewart”

Blog Tour – Love and Ohana Drama by Melissa Baldwin

Love and Ohana Drama is a romantic comedy that explores the challenges of family dynamics and reminds readers that there is always hope for a second chance. Sometimes the most challenging situations bring the most happiness . . . Twenty-something Cora Fletcher is a book-loving public relations executive who lives with her overly Zen bestContinue reading “Blog Tour – Love and Ohana Drama by Melissa Baldwin”

Blog Tour – The Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtenay

Separated by time. Brought together by fate. Linnea felt a shiver travel the length of her spine. It hadn’t been a joke – the runes really had shown her destiny. Indulging her fascination for the Viking language and losing herself in an archaeological dig is just what Linnea Berger needs after her recent trauma. UncoveringContinue reading “Blog Tour – The Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtenay”