No Place Like Home by Lynda Stacey

Sisters Molly and Beth Winters thought the remote clifftop house would be the perfect place to hide away after their mother’s brutal murder. They were wrong….

He wants revenge…

Because someone from the girls’ past has already found their safe house and he is watching and waiting in the shadows ready to make them pay.

He won’t stop until you’re dead…

Their new home should have been the place the sisters were safe.

But no place is safe forever.

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I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoy thrillers but find myself being quite selective as to the authors that I read. Lynda Stacey is on the list and No Place Like Home reaffirms that decision. In this latest book, the tension builds slowly at first and then whips the reader onto a terrifying journey to its conclusion.

The relationship between sisters Molly and Beth is totally believable as the stressed-out dentist battles with the teenage angst and rebellion of her 15-year-old sibling.  There is clearly love there, but it is in conflict with the power struggle brought on by overwhelming bereavement and Beth’s need to cling onto the familiar.

It is clear from the earliest chapters that the sisters are being watched and their observer left me feeling nervous as it was unclear whether their protestations of innocence were honest.  The story had me questioning each character, not knowing who could be trusted.  As I mentioned, the suspense builds to a frantic peak which left me enthralled and needing to see what the conclusion would be.

The whole book is cleverly constructed with the house and neighbouring cliffs creating an atmospheric character of their own.  It was hard not to feel nervous for the sisters as the tension mounted and it was revealed who could and couldn’t be trusted.

Lynda Stacey has smashed it out of the proverbial park, once again.

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Receiving a digital ARC does not influence my opinion of a book.  Please note, this review contains affiliate links.

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